Muslimové debatují o multikulturalismu, školství a kultuře liberalismu (Dr Amina Shareef & Bhikhu Parekh @The Thinking Muslim)


Are British Schools Hostile to Muslim children? Dr Amina Shareef

host: Dr Amina Shareef
moderator: Muhammad Jalal

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Michaela School verdict
související články k zákazu modlit se v prostorách školy muslimským studentkám (04/2024):

Muslim girl loses court case challenging ban on prayers at Britain school

'Britain's strictest school' facing High Court challenge from Muslim pupil over ‘prayer ban’

07:05 Religious practice
08:35 Frenchstyle assimilation
12:58 What is a school?
15:23 How?
18:18 Impact on Muslim children
20:42 Decolonising the curriculum
22:40 White Supremacy
24:52 Extremism
31:49 Antimuslim racism
33:24 Homeschooling
37:27 Secularism
39:53 Separatism
43:49 Muslim majority countries
47:27 How can we begin?
50:43 What is Palestine solidarity?

"Prayer in UK Schools: Multiculturalism and Liberal Tyranny" Bikhu Parekh

host: Bikhu Parekh 
moderator: Muhammad Jalal

00:00 Introduction
02:39 a Muslim Prayer Ban at Michaela School (04/2024) 
04:25 "School is a secular space"
06:23 How do you observe Muslim community?
          Have Muslims integrated in the society?
11:42 "I would say instead of liberalizing multiculturalism,
           why not  multicultural liberalism?" 
Bikhu Parekh
12:50  "Multiculturalism is sharing certain principles in common.
            If this is what multiculturalism is, obviously no single culture, 
            including liberalism, can be dominant." Bikhu Parekh
17:40 Douglass Murray
26:00 Is Britain getting more towards a French style assimilation of liberal assimilation?
28:00 Liberal universalism
35:35 Dialog should become religiously sensitive just as it has become economically sensitive 
35:55 Multiculturalism in our history
Bikhu Parekh is an author of book "Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory (2000) 
44:00 Gaza issue

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