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m.i.a. "only 1U"

Just cause the game is up doesn’t mean I didn’t win I got three aces and a king You might have got love from unnatural things That’s why my instincts kicks in It doesn't matter if you win it’s based on what you bring I still feel it and I chase it with a drink Your telephone rings, but you ain’t listenin' So motherfucker now I’m steppin’ in ... Lara Croft is soft when it comes 2 my stuff She’s made up, I’m real I’m a lady of rage, with an afro puff Who else can say the things they feel? More jiggy than Will From a mill to a trill There’s no beat I cannot kill Still chill up on a hill Like I’m poppin’ a pill There’s no other things I want to feel ... There’s trillions of cash And there’s billions of us And there’s millions of things that can happen with this stuff And there’s thousands that will crash And there’s hundreds that will smash There’s only one you and I'mma drink to that m.i.a. "only 1U&qu

"this is for all saudi women driving cars and dont bow down before the king!"

M.I.A, Bad Girls from ROMAIN-GAVRA  

m.i.a.´s lyrics

Let me take the time to tell you I already know whats on your mind I wanna stick around and make you Understand I didn’t commit crime But you keep on thinking it’s In some other chick Makes me feel I’m better off Goin' on a trip You keep on thinking it’s In some other bitch That makes me wanna leave And never call up 'til I’m rich m.i.a. " it ain't right " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD8pmlk_mWw Cash and Kashmir, gold in Zier I got a new one from over there You can drink a mint tea by the Red Sea As you're living out whose fantasy Yeah the sun the moon are both Hitting the hood and the heat's too hot to be cool Yeah I'm sailing my bed to a better man school And it's two in the afternoon We already bullet-proof, we got a big crew And we're running on a force that's true We don't fear you, wear up-to-date shoes Or fall for the point of view m.i.a " sexodus &

dj richard "zulu beat show" (MA, 2005)

dj richard "zulu beat show" (mecca audio, 2005) http://ulozto.cz/xZoaRAcE/dj-richard-zulu-beat-show-2005-zip Cover: Jan Havel ( Belavenir Design Studio ) 1.   interlude: Style Wars (NYC,1983) 2.   The True School Anthem 3.   KRS One – Hip hop vs. Rap (1993) 4.   Joeski Love - Pee Wee´s dance (1986) 5.   Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh crew - Keep risin´ to the top (1988) 6.   The Fearless Four - Rockin´ it  (1982) 7.   MC Shan - The Bridge (1986) 8.   Boogie Down Production - The P is Free (1987) 9.   skit: all city... - SKEME, DEZ, MEAN 3  (NYC,1983)    10.  The Treacherous Three - Feel the heartbeat  (1981) 11.  Soundtrack; "Beat Street (1984)"      Grandmaster Melle Mell & Furious Five - Beat Street Breakdown 12.  Afrika Bambaataa & Jazzy Five - Jazzy Sensation (1981) 13.  Run DMC - Sucker MC´s  (1983) 14.  Run DMC - Jam Master Jay (1983) 15.  Whodini - Friends (1984) 16.  Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five feat. Melle Mell - Message (1982)

dj richard "in the ghetto I." (MA, 2007)

dj richard "in the ghetto I." (mecca audio, 2007) 1. in the ghetto 2. Mobb Deep - Survival of the fittest (1995) Dj Krush feat. Tragedy - Real (1997) Cocoa Brovaz feat. Sean Price - ????? Diaz bros. feat. Doo Wop feat. Tony Touch - Click bang Lil Dap - Ghetto love East Flatbush project - Tried by 1,2  (1995) 3. Group Home - Da real GH (1999) Black Moon feat. Steel - This goes out to you (2003) Watts Prophets - Kill 4. Mos Def - Ghetto rock (2004) Maseo feat. Indeed, Mike G, Truth Enolo (2002) Show & AG - Full scale skit: Crooklyn 5. Diaz bros. feat. Doo Wop & Tony Touch - Get´cho shit str8 Tony Touch feat. Hurricane G - Asi  (2004) 6. Bama - Ghettos of the mind Big L (RIP)- Hold it down (1999) DITC - Way of life Big Pun (RIP)- I´m not a player 7. Biggie (RIP)- Juice Esham - Woo Woo O Solo - 6 minutes 8. Average White Band - Stop the rain (1978) Gang Starr - Gotta get over (1992) PF Cuttin & Sean Price - Peep my words remix Sean Price feat. Starang Wondah &

The Roots "Things Fall Apart" (covers)

Kniha Things Fall Apart od nigerijského autora Chinua Achebe posloužila filadelfské kapele jako inspirace pro název jejich desky, to co ale není až moc známe je vícero verzí obalu, ve kterých bylo toto album vydáno. Nejčastěji byla deska prezentována s fotografií policisty honící černošskou dívku. Záběr je z roku 1964 z brooklynské čtvrti Bedford-Stuyvesant, kde vypukly občanské nepokoje, které odstartovalo  zastřelení černošského mladíka, Jamese Powella v  Harlemu (NYC). Roots vydali toto album v roce 1999 a cover vyšel v pěti verzích, plus šestá verze byla pro instrumentální album. 

"Soul Bros. vol. I. + II." mixtape intro. + bonus beat

"Us flow a rush when the DJ's boomin´ classics,  You dig the crew on the fattest hip hop records" covers: Pois811 aka Scorpio 

4 Ya Tape Dex (Terorist? Posse, 1998)

4 Ya Tape Dex (Terorist? Posse, 1998) Strana A (Dj Richard) Strana B (Dj Orion) * První oficiální mixtape v ČR

Ice T "Vzpomínky na život gangstera" (ukázka)

“It’s hell to be an orphan at an early age This impressionable stage No love breeds rage.” Ice T “I Must Stand”

We love Radio "ROLL CALL", Bed-Stuy, NYC, 1989

WE LOVE ROLL CALL, Y'ALL! Boogie Down Productions, Rob Base, Dana Dane, Marley Marl, Olatunji, Chuck D, Ray Charles, EPMD, EU, Alberta Hunter, Run-D.M.C., Stetsasonic, Sugar Bear, John Coltrane, Big Daddy Kane, Salt-n-Pepa, Luther Vandross, McCoy Tyner, Biz Markie, New Edition, Otis Redding, Anita Baker, Thelonious Monk, Marcus Miller, Branford Marsalis, James Brown, Wayne Shorter, Tracy Chapman, Miles Davis, Force MDs, Oliver Nelson, Fred Wesley, Maceo, Janet Jackson, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, George Clinton, Count Basie, Mtume, Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin, Dexter Gordon, Sam Cooke, Parliament-Funkadelic, Al Jarreau, Teddy Pendergrass, Joe Williams, Wynton Marsalis, Phyllis Hyman, Sade, Sarah Vaughn, Roland Kirk, Keith Sweat, Kool Moe Dee, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Reeves, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Bessie Smith, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Steel Pulse, Little Richard, Mahalia Jackson, Jackie Wilson, Cannonball AND Nat Adderley, Quin