Sean Price aka Husayn Sayyid passed one year ago today

 The “P!” logo is inspired by Price’s signature call-out during his verses. 

 Steele of Smif-n-Wessun

FruKwan (Gravediggaz / Stetsasonic) on the left

the artist Meres One

Members of the Price family including widow Bernadette Price (seated on street), and brother (in yellow)

Unicron and Bernadette Price making the Deceps sign

Tek (Smif-n-Wessun) and Dungeon Masta

Kim’s husband SL, a friend of Sean Price since junior-high, passed 6 weeks ago — “Last time I saw Sean was at my husband’s funeral.”

The woman in the head scarf told me that while it was OK to put the Decepticons logo up, “that was part of his life,” she said, “but that’s not all of who he was. Sean believed in Allah.” She was glad to see something related to his faith on the wall as well.

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