The introduction of Public Enemy´s album "Fear of a Black Planet"

"some foreign power, some group of terrorists"
"Some individual concern" "Fighting an enemy"
"The race that controls the past controls the living present and therefore the future"
"The future of the group is in doubt"
"And they claim that it´s the music"
"Their lyrics have been rather controversial"
"Controversy in the rap world"
"The question is"
"Whether or not we are free as people"
"The question is" "What it is!"
"Having an afrocentric point of view"
"if you don't know your past then you don't know your future"
"there is something changing in the climate of consciousness on this planet today!"

Public Enemy!

* The Video is an xcerpt of the PE´s video tape "Tour of a Black Planet" (Def Jam, 1991), formats: VHS

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