"The Nation Of Islam" Martha F. Lee

This absorbing clearly written study views the Nation of Islam as a millenarian movement that underwent a fateful transformation when its prophecies concerning the end failed. The result was the transformation of the Nation, after death of Elijah Muhammad, into two quite different entities.

The first is the American Muslim Mission...led by Wallace D. Muhammad...The second is reconstituted Nation of Islam under the guidance of the controversial Minister Louis Farrakhan...a timely and convincing account that sheds light on an important era in the history of African-American religion.

Martha F. Lee, assistant professor of political science at the University of Windsor, Ontario, is the author of Earth First! Environmental Apocalypse, also published by Syracuse University Press.

*Front cover:
Members of the Nation of Islam at the Million Man March
Photograph by Ozier Muhammad

Title: The Nation Of Islam: An American Millenarian Movement
Author: Martha F. Lee
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Year: 1996
Number of pages: 144

:: Contents ::

1. Millenarianism
2. Early History and Doctrine
3. The Fall of America
4. Wallace Muhammad´s Leadership
5. The Revitalization of the Nation of Islam
6. Millenarianism of the Nation of Islam

A. What the Muslims want
B. The Truth

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