Dday One "Loop Extensions Deluxe" (2011)

Loop Extensions represents Dday One’s debut long player, and what a debut it is. Dropping fluid beats and incorporating eclectic sounds, he builds a canvas of warm instrumental beats that catch both your ears and your feet. 

When Dday first completed this album, he pressed up a few vinyl copies to spread the word. Within a month he’d had LA’s hip hop’s true underground king Mike Nardone playing tracks regularly on his radio show (We Came From Beyond / KXLU 88.9) and Cut Chemist requesting copies. 

Beautifully presented Deluxe Edition of Dday One's debut album "Loop Extensions" featuring digitally remastered versions of the original tracks plus an alternate take, original demo and remixes. 

Newly reworked productions from 2tall/Omunit (All City Records), Glen Porter (Project Mooncircle), 2econd Class Citizen (Equinox), David Vangel (Equinox) , Long Arm (Project Mooncircle) and Inner Science. 

released September 21, 2011 

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