m.i.a. "only 1U"

Just cause the game is up doesn’t mean I didn’t win
I got three aces and a king
You might have got love from unnatural things
That’s why my instincts kicks in
It doesn't matter if you win it’s based on what you bring
I still feel it and I chase it with a drink

Your telephone rings, but you ain’t listenin'

So motherfucker now I’m steppin’ in


Lara Croft is soft when it comes 2 my stuff
She’s made up, I’m real
I’m a lady of rage, with an afro puff
Who else can say the things they feel?
More jiggy than Will
From a mill to a trill
There’s no beat I cannot kill
Still chill up on a hill
Like I’m poppin’ a pill
There’s no other things I want to feel


There’s trillions of cash
And there’s billions of us
And there’s millions of things that can happen with this stuff
And there’s thousands that will crash
And there’s hundreds that will smash
There’s only one you and I'mma drink to that

m.i.a. "only 1U" 

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