m.i.a.´s lyrics

Let me take the time to tell you
I already know whats on your mind
I wanna stick around and make you
Understand I didn’t commit crime
But you keep on thinking it’s
In some other chick
Makes me feel I’m better off
Goin' on a trip
You keep on thinking it’s
In some other bitch
That makes me wanna leave
And never call up 'til I’m rich

m.i.a. "it ain't right"

Cash and Kashmir, gold in Zier
I got a new one from over there
You can drink a mint tea by the Red Sea
As you're living out whose fantasy
Yeah the sun the moon are both
Hitting the hood and the heat's too hot to be cool
Yeah I'm sailing my bed to a better man school
And it's two in the afternoon
We already bullet-proof, we got a big crew
And we're running on a force that's true
We don't fear you, wear up-to-date shoes
Or fall for the point of view

m.i.a "sexodus"

Top dog even though I didn’t speak no english
Guess I got Grit coz I suffer for my shit
Guess I came from the sticks and moved to the bricks
You can’t fix this coz I’m in the same mix
Guess I’m in the air you can smell me like Vick'ss
This chicks bringing back this
It’s my last wish
Warriors in the dance
Gangsters bangers we're puttin' 'em in a trance

m.i.a. "warriors"

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