"Struggle by the pen : the Uyghur discourse of nation and national interest, c. 1900-1949" Ondrej Klimeš (Brill, 2015)

In Struggle by the Pen, Ondrej Klimeš explores the emergence of national consciousness and nationalist ideology of Uyghurs in Xinjiang from c. 1900-1949. Drawing from texts written by modern Uyghur intellectuals, politicians and propagandists throughout this period, he identifies diverse types of Uyghur discourse on the nation and national interest, and traces the emergence and construction of modern Uyghur national identity.

The author also demonstrates that the modern Uyghur intelligentsia regarded political emancipation and social modernization as the two most important interests of their nation, and that they envisaged Uyghurs as citizens of a modern republican state founded on the principles of representative government. This book thus presents a new perspective on Uyghur intellectual history and on Republican Xinjiang.

Název: Struggle by the pen : the Uyghur discourse of nation and national interest, c. 1900-1949
Autor: Ondřej Klimeš (*1977)
Nakladatel: Brill Publishers (Boston)
Rok vydání: 2015
Jazyk: anglicky
Počet stran: 280, (ilustrace převážne barevné), 1 mapa, faksimile
Rozměry: 25 cm


List of Acronyms
List of Tables
List of Illustrations
Chronology of Major Political Events
Preface and Acknowledgements
The State of Research in Early Modern Uyghur National Consciousness
Research Objectives
Sources and Methodology
Terminology and Transcriptions

Chapter 1
Protonational Identity and Interest (c. 1900)

1.1 Qing Administration and Muslim Rebellion (1759-1878)
1.2 Historiography of Molla Musa Sayrami (1900s)
1.3 Chapter Summary

Chapter 2
Emergence of the National Idea and National Agitation (1910s-1920s)

2.1 The Late Qing (1878-1912) and Early Republican (1912-33) Administrations
2.2 Origins of Turkic Modernity and Nation-Formation Processes
2.3 Uyghur National Idea in Russo-Soviet Central Asia
2.4 National Agitation by Xinjiang Turkic Intelligentsia
2.5 Chapter Summary

Chapter 3
Politicization of National Discourse (1930s)

3.1 Turkic Insurgency (1930-34)
3.2 Administration of Sheng Shicai (1934-44)
3.3 Chapter Summary

Chapter 4
The Significance of a National Boundary in Flux (1930s and 1940s)

4.1 Republican Turkic Nationalism (1930s-49)
4.2 The Three Districts' Revolution (1944-49)
4.3 Chapter Summary

Chapter 5 Conclusion


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