"Eskiboy" Wiley (2017)

Richard Kylea Cowie, or Wiley, is one of the most innovative and influential musicians of today. Over the course of twenty years he has redefined British music: releasing ten top-twenty singles, selling over 4 million records, and helping to launch a new generation of stars. He started a movement in east London in the early 2000s that is now beginning to take over the world.

Eskiboy tells his story in full, for the first time, from childhood trauma to white-label releases, to lifetime achievement awards and beyond. Structured in 140 short parts, it covers the friendships and rivalries, and the tragedies and triumphs, of two decades in music, and explores the history and future of grime and the Eskimo Sound. Featuring lyrics, never-before-seen photographs and contributions from the people who know him best, Eskiboy is a celebration of a singular musical icon, and the world he has created.

(text by publisher)

"Eskiboy" Wiley
William Heinemann
Published 2nd November 2017352 Pages

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