Gil Scott-Heron "brother"

by Mecca Audio

 There are a lot of comments about, who's blacker than you are, and who's blacker than she is, blacker than thou... Another resist this sort of trend.
And... and looking on various street corners in Harlem, I'm sure you've seen it yourself, standing on the soapbox on the corner, is a legit brother dressed in blue, and black dashikis, or green, red, and black dashikis, and spouting the news that the revolution is coming and you'd better get ready sort of like the end of the world is coming, I saw a recent commercial that says. Unfortunately, the world is just going to drag on and on, and we have the point that we've written particulary and it's called just that "brother"...
"for the brothers on the street corners"

Gil Scott-Heron "brother"

Beat contains sample of Herbie hancock´s "Hidden shadows"

the track is off the album "Small Talk at 125th and Lenox" (1970) 

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